Simplify the installation with TALOS

Stoltzen TALOS is our lineup of installation products. Under the Talos umbrella you will find everything from ducts and wall mounts to advanced racks for AV equipment. We do what we can to be the first thing you think of when installing efficiently, safely, neatly and neatly.

06. Sep 2021

TALOS RM series

Floor cabinet with 360° access

This rack frame is perfect for devices where you need access from both the front and back, but still want to place the devices next to the back wall, inside a cabinet or similar.

  • Frame at 10U or 15U (580mm deep)
  • Extendable and swivel frame 360°
  • Delivered flat-packed

TALOS K35 Series

Plastic duct with tape 35x20mm

Stoltzen’s best-selling channel can be supplemented with accessories that make the installation neat and clear. The channel is delivered for longer than 2 meters, and is purchased per unit. (1 unit = 2 meters channel).

  • Each box contains 20 channels
  • The accessories are delivered in packs of 5 pieces per unit


Elegant aluminum baseboard with lid for cable routing after installation. It is possible to cut to the desired length and it comes with a lid for easy placement of cables, or dividers. It has a double duct system that enables the separation of wires. Comes with end covers for finer finishes and concealment of cuts when shortening the list. It comes with 3 pieces of 3M tape for attachment to the substrate.