Stoltzen Metis


Booking and cancellation of meetings can be done from a computer or directly from the panel outside the meeting room. The panel can at any time display:

  • Who booked the room
  • Subject of the meeting
  • How long the room is occupied or available
  • When the next meeting starts
  • Display all meetings for the next week

Use Stoltzen Metis to efficiently and effectively utilize meeting room capacity in a simple way.

Stoltzen Metis makes it easy to efficiently utilize meeting room resources in a simple and organized way.
Metis is compatible with:
  • Exchange (One user calendar / 15 devices)
  • Office 365 (One E1 license / 15 devices)
  • Google (A license is required for as many devices as needed)
  • Confirm when a meeting starts
    • If enabled, meetings must be confirmed on the touch panel within a certain time after the meeting is scheduled to start. This prevents empty meeting rooms due to changes or cancellations.
  • Meetings that do not last as long as the assigned time can easily be ended early from the panel to free up the room for others to use.
  • Signal colors will be displayed both on the side of and directly on the panels to indicate whether a meeting room is available, booked, or if a meeting is about to end.
  • Optional “clean room” alert.
  • Book a meeting directly from the panel if the room is available
  • Get an overview of all meeting rooms, and book available rooms
  • Extend the meeting if the room is available
  • Customize your logo and background on the panels
  • Add Stoltzen Signage as a background.
The panel is color-coordinated:

LEDs around all sides of the panel make it easy to see the current availability of the room from a distance.

  • Green: The room is available.
  • Yellow: There are less than 10 minutes left of the ongoing meeting.
  • Red: The room is booked.