Stoltzen AV over IP installed at RDC Golf

18. Jan 2022

At Lund in Kristiansand is RDC Golf, Norway’s roughest indoor golf center. Stoltzen has delivered its AV over IP solution – Apollo and Elektroxperten have been responsible for all electrical installation, as well as installation of distribution networks.

This is a very cool concept, which we have had the pleasure of working with. Here we have, among other things, installed solutions such as AV over IP by having centralized sources that are sent to the desired displays. This allows you to divide the displays so that they can have several input sources at the same time. Then we can watch golf, football and news on the same screen – that’s cool!

Trond Eretveit, Project Manager Elektroexperten
Photo: RDC Golf (Nice details are common throughout the room)

The CEO of RDC Golf describes the collaboration with Elektroxperten as very good:

Elextroxperten is a solution-oriented project manager with good industry experience, skilled employees, meet deadlines and kind people at all levels. We have also not received any unexpected invoices after the project, and are very pleased with the result.

Isak Reinhardsen, CEO at RDC Golf
Photo: RDC Golf (Nice details are common throughout the room)
Photo: RDC golf (Entrance to RDC golf)

Stoltzen AV over IP allows you to send audio and video signals over standard IP based network. You place a transmitter at each source, and a receiver at each monitor, a controller box for administration – and distribute the signals with a standard IP-based switch – over a standard network cable.