Revolutionary cabling with Stoltzen MPO

12. Oct 2021

This is the solution you are looking for if you need HDMI signals in walls, floors or other places with reduced space. The signal goes through the Fiber Cable with MPO connectors, and allows you to install on even the most difficult places.

The kit includes 2xMPO Female / Female connectors in Keystone form factor, so you can easily attach this to computer racks, channels, floor boxes etc. The cable from HDMI to MPO are 1.8 meters in both ends, and USB connection for 5v voltage at the receiver. This is connected, for example, to a USB socket on the screen. You get the MPO cable in lengths from 5 to 100 meters.

Stoltzen MPO Solution

Install everywhere

Compared to traditional AOC cables that are directional, another source of error is eliminated. This cable can be installed anywhere from a source to a monitor without the need to ensure that the cable is in the correct direction. When the bidirectional MPO cable is connected, it is ready for source and monitor connections.

HDMI 2.0 4K@60

The 8-core pure fiber cable is designed with future upgrades, capable of handling 72 Gbps bandwidth to support a variety of interfaces in the future. The MPO cable can be installed in the channel with the Tx and Rx connectors added at a later time or upgraded from HDMI 2.0 to 2.1, without having to connect or replace the cable in the future.

Pre-Wire, Connect and Go

The standard universal MPO connectors allow the cables to be connected in advance. “Connect-and-Go” detachable HDMI-MPO connectors eliminate additional costs, testing and tools.