Software for Stoltzen Typhoon Series
Item no.: FLOW

Take control of your audio with FLOW DSP Controller's intuitive interface and versatile features.

  • Make GUI for Android, iOS and Windows
  • Program wallpanels and DSP's with ease
  • Easy configuration with device auto-discovery
  • USB soundcard for playback, recording and videoconference
  • Remote control from multiple devices

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Technical documentation

Technical documentation

Stoltzen’s FLOW software is a powerful Windows application for configuring and controlling Typhoon DSPs. The software includes an intuitive user interface that is easy to use and understand, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced audio professionals.

FLOW offers various signal routing and shaping modules, including EQ, automatic gain control, acoustic echo cancellation, and dynamic feedback suppression. The software also has automatic device discovery, making it easy to set up, install, and configure.

In addition, FLOW offers a customizable GUI that allows users to design their own interface for controlling their audio installation. The GUI can be accessed from various devices, including Android, iOS, and PC, giving users full control over the audio system from anywhere, at any time.

FLOW is a DSP software designed to meet the needs of everyone from amateurs to professionals.

Main Specifications

Compatible with

Windows, iOS, Android




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