Make meeting booking easy with METIS

Stoltzen Metis makes it easier to book meeting rooms and get an overview of available rooms. The panel shows you the information you need, but at the same time provides access to additional information about other rooms, resources and times if desired.

06. Sep 2021

The solution communicates directly with Exchange / Office365, so you do not need to install any software in your computer systems.

The setup is simple, efficient and easy to get started. Each panel can be set up individually, or you can configure all panels at once via

With Stoltzen Metis you can easily customize your logo and wallpaper on the panels. Also select available resources in the room, which are displayed on the outside panels. Communicates directly between Exchange / O365 and Google Suite – No need to install additional software.

Manage all your panel settings, logos and wallpapers with the Stoltzen Metis cloud configuration solution. See an overview of all meeting rooms, book one available room without being physically at the relevant room.

Stoltzen METIS Meeting Booking Solution