Stoltzen Introducing DSP-products

Our DSP series includes the X88, X1616, as well as the X44D, X88D, and X1616D with Dante integration.

20. Apr 2023

Introducing our latest series of DSP products, designed to enhance the audio experience and cater to a variety of applications. Our DSP series includes the X88, X1616, as well as the X44D, X88D, and X1616D with Dante integration. These powerful DSPs offer exceptional audio processing capabilities to meet your diverse needs, whether for music playback, recording, or video conferencing.

Our Dante DSPs (XD Series) boast impressive features, such as support for up to 32 channels, four independent AEC channels, and a wide range of configurable modules. The user-friendly GUI allows centralized control of all devices in the system, with FLOW enabling easy activation of necessary functions with a single click. Experience seamless music playback, recording, and compatibility with popular video conferencing software like Zoom, Teams, and Skype.

The DSPs without Dante (X Series) offer similar high-quality audio processing capabilities, with four independent AEC channels and a wealth of processing modules. The intuitive FLOW GUI provides centralized control for easy management. Enjoy music playback, recording, and support for video conferencing applications.

Both the XD and X Series are powered by the robust ADI SHARC 21489 processor, featuring a 64-bit DSP engine and a powerful digital audio signal processing platform. The FLOW Controller software allows complete control and management of the entire DSP series, offering numerous processing functions such as AFC, AEC, ANS, ANC, AM, AGC, Ducker, PEQ, GEQ, delay, and more.

With a focus on user-friendliness, the FLOW Controller software’s intuitive graphical interface makes it quick and convenient to access all signal channels. Audio system designers and installers can easily view and adjust input levels, DSP processing parameters, mixing relationships, and output levels.