Complete AV over IP solution

13. Dec 2021

Stoltzen AV over IP allows you to send audio and video signals over standard IP based network. You place a transmitter at each source, and a receiver at each monitor, a controller box for administration – and distribute the signals with a standard IP-based switch – over a standard network cable.

This offers many advantages over proprietary matrix solutions:

  1. Standard network cabling, without special requirements. All the installer needs to do is make sure the cabling complies with Cat.6
  2. Cost-effective network switches. You get great flexibility and can easily expand the installation by inserting larger switches, or stacking several switches.
  3. Power supply above the PoE standard. You avoid the cost of an electrician, as the power comes over the network cable.

Stoltzen Apollo 6000 UHD 4K@30 KVM

Stoltzen Apollo 6000 is a good AV over IP solution with JPEG2000 compression solution, with 1-2 frames delay, which is perfect for interactive use in meeting rooms, teaching and training.

Stoltzen Apollo 3000 FHD

The H.264 IP encoder (SA-3000E) and decoder (SA-3000D) provide a complete end-to-end streaming solution. Video, audio and RS232 signals can be routed together or separately throughout the matrix system. They can also function as a video wall up to the dimensions 16 x 16 with input and output HDMI resolutions that are supported up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz.

Stoltzen Apollo 3000 Video Processor

Stoltzen SA-3000VP is a window processor, it can decode up to 6 IP streams with 1920x1080P @ 60Hz resolution and mix them in an overlapping way, and finally send out to H.264 receivers via Ethernet or to an HDMI monitor via HDMI -gate.

This unit offers great solutions for conference rooms, malls, hotels, high resolution signage, surveillance, schools and business training environments, etc.

Stoltzen Apollo 3000 MultiView 1080p

The MW3000D is a high-performance H.264 decoder that works with H.264 encoders to provide complete end-to-end streaming systems. It has the ability to simultaneously decode a maximum of nine IP streams in a grid, and decode a maximum of six IP streams in PiP mode, and display them in different layouts with multiple views on a single screen.

The powerful decoder offers integration-friendly control functions – Windows PC configurator (Apollo Configurator), Apollo Visual Composer Touch on iPad (coming soon) and IP control box (SA-C), which provide simple & flexible control and administration options. Can be used in homes, classrooms, conference rooms and recordings etc.

Stoltzen Apollo Controller for 3000 & 6000

SA-C is an IP control box used as an A / V control unit to control, configure and manage encoders and decoders on the local network. It has two Ethernet ports and two RS232 ports, and offers integration-friendly control functions – LAN (Web GUI & Telnet). It can also be used with a third-party controller to provide simple, flexible control and administration options. SA-C can automatically search and display encoders and decoders. It is designed to be compatible with the configuration file from the PC configurator (Apollo Configurator) and use the imported configuration file to perform operations on encoders and decoders such as matrix and video wall.