Stoltzen Metis Support


Backend license requirements
Note that some competing products require a per-room license/unit. So they may be cheaper to buy, but you need to consider the license cost to get the total ownership costs.

Office 365
You need one 365 Basic / E1 license (or higher) per 15 units. (If you are using EWS API) If you are using MS Graph API, you will usually only need one O365 license for all your panels.

One user CAL per 15 units.
The service account needs a mailbox and one service account can be used on 15 units.

One suite/workspace license is required for an unlimited number of panels

Microsoft 365 Configuration

Steg 1. Office 365 – Create Service Account
Steg 2. Office 365 – OAuth2 and MS Graph

Google Configuration

Steg 1. Google Calendar Setup

Panel Setup

Initial Configuration Stoltzen Metis Panel