About Us

The Stoltzen brand includes products with common values for quality and guarantee. CBK AS in Norway is the manufacturer and distributor. CBK specifies the products and conducts extensive tests before the products are released on the market. The products are tested individually and in context so that CBK can guarantee that the products are durable and work well together.

Stoltzen products have a 3-year warranty.

Because the Stoltzen products are sourced in large volumes, the shipping price’s share of the total cost is kept down. This, combined with the cutting of a link in the supply chain, means that the prices of Stoltzen products are very favorable compared to comparable competitors.

We have skilled employees who will always deliver the best, smartest and most valuable solutions that further give your business an advantage.

Joakim Arntsen, Business Development Manager Stoltzen

We emphasize understanding your needs, and want to be a partner that makes our expertise available to you. This is the “glue” that makes it possible to deliver the best, smartest and most valuable solutions that give your business an advantage. Cooperation has always been important to us and we believe that the best cooperation is based on knowledge at all levels in order to achieve the best possible result together.

Stoltzen has quality products within AV equipment, cables, audio products and other related equipment.